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                                                    ALERT COVID 19

Our NGO Lô-Bâ International is working on an emergency plan responding to the needs of the population. We are conducting need assessments and awareness raising activities. Most of these actions are conducted by women in Central African Republic and Chad.

We are providing water points with soap, hand sanitizer, and masks for the population. We are developing I-Technology to react and respond quickly to the epidemic.


We work primarily with girls and women who have unequal access to important resources like school, health, land, and jobs. Women and girls also end up being the most vulnerable when crises like war, health epidemics, and natural disasters strike.

All our actions will take place with women leadership, as our goal is to develop their autonomy.


  • iHealth technology to be accessible to everyone. 

  • Develop dry toilets in most of the public areas.

  • Prevent nosocomial infections in hospitals and health centers.

  • Create school health centers in isolated areas.

  • Community health centers: pre-natal consultation, gerontology services, physiotherapy, etc.

  • Develop occupational health care


Lô-Ba is developing solutions to fight any disease and improve the health of the population. The message is clear: solutions to Africa's health problems are within our reach. However, these solutions can only be found by strengthening government's role in health sector and building on lessons learned from successful health interventions, as well as on closer collaboration between all partners.

Hygiene and infection prevention are essential in hospitals and health centers. Microorganisms and microbes can have devastating consequences. These are critical factors on which many lives depend. In first level hospitals there is regular breakage of consumables such as gloves, bleach, soap. In addition, there is a lack of hygiene practices by health professionals and a lack of knowledge about the risks and ways to prevent these risks during care.  

Only 63.16% of health professionals wear both a work suit, which is clean and fit for the job. 

This finding raises a reflection on an awareness to generate and accompany with health professionals and managers to enter the culture of the fight against infections associated with care.

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