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Lô-Bâ aim is to increase the food production of women in order to contribute to their self-sufficiency, augment revenues and create employment opportunities.  Our model starts from the primary sector of agriculture, to feed into a second sector, and the third to distribute, manage and administer the production and transform the fields.
We are working mostly with girls and woman who have unequal access to important resources like school, lands, jobs. Woman and girls also end up being some of the most vulnerable when crises like war and natural disaster strike happen.
Lô-Ba International will give fewer skills and tools at their disposal through sustainable agriculture and education to improve their social and economic situation. Our programs include helping women and girls access education, vocational skills and livelihood assets, like livestock, tools and agricultural training, so they’re able to support themselves and contribute to their families and their community.                         
In 2018 Lô-Ba international obtained the authorizations from Central African Republic government to do the mission.



We started our mission in Central African Republic, we have 2  fields in Sekia.

Sekia is located in Ombella M'Poko, an area 10 miles away from Bangui (Central African Republic Capital).

The overall Target of NGO Lô-Ba in Sékia is contributing to the action of the authorities to create a participatory and self-sufficient development at rural and local level. Our main activity is to ensure greater participation of women and girls, both participants and beneficiaries of development initiatives.

The achievement of the overall target comes through the implementation of the following specific objectives in Sékia area:

-Enable rural women in the Sekia area to grow their own produce and income-generating goods and also enable better access to services. We will provide machines and workshops to increase the food production to help families live a better life style.

- Help women and girls to set up loan  and consultancy services to finance and support the activities carried out by women's working groups.

-Provide social infrastructures such as day care, nurseries and water boreholes.

-Provide women with basic training in literacy, health, nutrition, family planning and, in particular, environmental awareness to deal with forest fires in other areas related to demography and development.

Our goal for 2020 is to open a day care to take care of the kids, and allow the woman to follow our training during the day.
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